Friday, January 11, 2008

Reverse Dog Whistle

I might be accused of stretching for this a bit, but is it possible that the Clintons are engaged in reverse dog-whistle politics? Could it be that they are intentionally dropping the odd racially insensitive remark here and there that the typical non-black voter will not be sensitive enough to pick up on but that will be very noticible to the typical black person? The motivation behind such a gambit would be to get black activists riled up so that they rally to Obama's defense with loud and angry denunciations thus helping to create the impression that Obama is "playing the race card" and is too angry and race obsessed for your typical white or latino voter to support. It's sort of a racist, dirty pool bank shot. Just a thought.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I am writing this blog, in part, as a bank in which to store my opinions and ideas so that if I want to weigh in on an online discussion or argument, I will simply make a withdrawal from my idea bank by saying "here is the link to my blog."

That's my manifesto. Enjoy the blog.